TEFL Certificate Program Overview

TEFL Certificate Program Overview:

Our TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate program is an intensive four-week, 140-hour course that prepares you for an entry-level teaching position worldwide.

Why come to Spain to do your TEFL course?

One of the main advantages of learning TEFL abroad is the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of living in a different country and learning about its culture.

Additionally, if you are planning to stay in the country where you train, doing a course there will give you valuable experience of teaching monolingual groups very similar to those that you will teach after qualifying.

Why Murcia?

Murcia was founded by the Moors in the ninth century . It is a city full of life and culture with a large population of students of the 3rd oldest University in Spain.

Murcia is known to the rest of Europe as the 'Europe's orchard' due to its long agricultural tradition and fertile soils. It is a very Spanish city, which prizes highly the much-valued customs of traditional life.

Why choose our TEFL course?

Our course marks the difference: Our experience teaching English since 1989 has provided us with a good knowledge of what works in the classroom. Our course will teach you how to deliver good lessons not just to adults but to all ages from 4 years old to adults. Being a very practical course, our program includes training in a variety of well-known methodologies practiced and tested around the world. Our course will teach you how to plan lessons as well as how to use course books and games to make your lessons more entertaining. We will provide you with the tools to create a good atmosphere in the classroom as well as effective classroom management techniques.

Our trainers are very motivated and committed, and will want to ensure you obtain the best results; they will draw constantly from their personal experience to illustrate the techniques and methodology we show you on the course, and to help you choose the most appropriate techniques and lesson strategies. Above all we are committed to creating an effective learning environment, by offering you all the personal and technical support you may require.

One Way & Yes! English Academies have a large network of connections with English Language academies around Spain and in other countries. Those candidates who are interested in or require further assistance in their job hunt can be put in contact with them. We would be happy to send information about places, which are looking for teachers along with our first-hand reference of your performance during the course. Some years we also need new teachers and we can offer jobs to the best candidates.

Graduates of this program will be issued a certificate of completion from our training centre.

Course Content

Our TEFL program includes a minimum of 20 hours of the teaching and observation practice: observation of experienced teachers, peer observation and all trainees will be asked to teach between 8 to 10 practice lessons depending on the size of the group. Class size varies from one-to-one classes, through small groups of three or four, to groups of six to fifteen learners. The assessment of teaching practice is continuous, meaning that, above all, the final grade will reflect your progress in teaching. This grade is also based on your ability to reflect on your own teaching and that of others.

The course includes how to teach grammar, pronunciation and phonology as well as the four main skills : Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Those having difficulties with any particular task will be given help during private tutorials and an opportunity to re-submit their work. Written and oral feedback will be given after each observed practice lesson. Trainees will be expected to have achieved a satisfactory standard in all areas, including teaching, by the end of the course.

Course Goals

By the end of the TEFL course, trainees will:

  1. I - Acquire essential subject knowledge about the English language.
  2. II - Develop a range of practical skills for teaching English from 4 years old to adult learners.
  3. III - Know how to lead a communicative, student-centered class.
  4. IV - Feel prepared to teach using a variety of materials and techniques.
  5. V - Be equipped with the tools necessary for effective classroom management.

Our 140 hour course content:

  1. 1 - Experience learning a foreign language.
  2. 2 - Language awareness:
  3. Grammar: The basic grammar you need to be an effective teacher. Different techniques to help you teach grammar in a communicative manner.
  4. Phonology and pronunciation: Comparing English with Spanish and other European languages; how to teach stress, rhythm and intonation through games; The International Phonetic Alphabet ; Stress patterns.
  5. 3 -Types of learners awareness according to age, motivation and psychology.
  6. How to identify the best methodology for your students.
  7. Placement tests.
  8. 4 -Different methodologies from young learners to adults.
  9. Young learners: “The natural method”.
  10. From teenagers to adults: TEFL, Translation method, CALLAN method.
  11. 5 -TEFL methodology and teaching skills: Workshops, demonstration lessons and peer observations.
  12. LESSON planning focusing on both specific skills (speaking, listening, reading or writing) and sub-skills (grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary).
  13. Different teaching techniques: PPP ( Presentation, Practice ,Production) and TBL ( Task Based Learning ).
  14. Presentation skills.
  15. How to give clear and concise instructions.
  16. Error correction: responding to mistakes and errors.
  17. How to use course books.
  18. Teaching private students ( one-to-one ).
  19. T.P.R. methodology.
  20. How to use drama, songs and games in the classroom.
  21. Using dictation in teaching.
  22. Classroom management.
  23. In-class tests and examinations.
  24. Official English examinations with particular emphasis on the Cambridge exams.
  25. Business English.
  26. Cultural awareness.
  27. 6 - Lesson planning :
  28. You will be taught how to prepare your lessons by adapting activities from existing course books or by creating your own materials. It is necessary to bring your own laptop or tablet to these sessions.
  29. Trainers will be available for consultations to offer guidance and suggestions on the appropriateness of lesson plans, sequence of activities, etc.
  30. 7 -Teaching practice and feedback.
  31. You will teach a minimum of 9 lessons, which will be observed by a trainer. In the post-teaching feedback sessions you will be encouraged to develop the ability to assess both your own lessons and those of your peers.
  32. We will ensure you teach at least two different levels of EFL learners, e.g. elementary and intermediate, and a good cross-section of age groups and abilities.
  33. The assessment of your teaching practice is continuous and will reflect your overall progress.
  34. 8 -Some of the written assignments include :
  35. Foreign language experience: A written assignment of your observations and reflections on the learning experience, both from a student's and a teacher's perspective.
  36. One-to-one project: Written assignment on preparing a lesson for a student in a one-to-one setting.
  37. Language analysis tests on aspects of grammar covered in the grammar input sessions.
  38. 9 -Minimum of 20 hours of observations and teaching practice.
  39. 10 -Finding a job in the TEFL world:
  40. Information about different CV layout according to country.
  41. Interview skills.
  42. Information about legal documents necessary for work in Spain.

Admission Requirements

All applicants to the TEFL course must:
Be at least 20 years of age by course completion (18 and 19 year-olds accepted at the centre’s discretion).

Have a standard of education equivalent of that required for entry into higher education.

Have native or near-native competence in both spoken and written English, such that it permits them to follow the training course with no problems. All non-native speakers must complete an oral interview with a member of the admissions staff before enrolling.

Our comprehensive course is designed for candidates with no previous English teaching experience, but is also suitable for those who have some experience but no formal training in the TEFL field.

The price of the course in July is 800€ and all the materials are included. If you book before May 15th there is a 50€ discount. Please read the "Terms and Conditions" and the "Code of Conduct" before enrolling on the course.

Enrolment Format

Date of birth:


Education and qualifications:

When would you like to do the course?

Personal statement:



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